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Insecure Coyote
Been a while, mostly cause I dont actually know if anyone I know uses live journal anymore (sori live journal) but hell, I like my blogz.

Since my last post Ive worked in a studio for roughly three months and recently picked up a six month contract making an educational animated film for a client. It pays ok, but it has alot more freedom then working in a studio.  Still miss the hell out of collage though  * SAD FACE *


This is Nai yung, shes my new hairdresser. Thats an actual quote.


I have know interest in actually playing this game, but check out this AMAZING (entirely gamplay free) Trailer:

That at body slam at around 2:07 is like SSSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!

Been going through a kind of rennaisance with my love affair of all things Akira Toriyama. got the complete dragon ball manga collection for christmas (havent opend yet cause its not christmas and thats AGAINST THE RULES) and have fallen back into old habbits of rewatching vegeta amvs (usually to creeds "my sacriice"). Fully employed, but still fifteen years old deep down.

Christmas being on tomorow and all I decided to clear a lot of the junk out of my room which meant getting rid of a bunch of stuff, including some of my old figures, so I put them all out on my desk and thought I might as well take a few photos:


Best Freinds.

New werewolf butler released as DLC for Blazblue contimuim shift, YEAH


Awesome wedding proposal:

Anyway time for Christmas which this year means: Blazblue, Air gear, and the twin peaks soundtrack. Hope you have a good one!

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Insecure Coyote


Heres another:

mother fuckin dustclopse teach you to make me loose to that fucking idiot  "i have three dragonites im so great uuuuhhh" Lance.

Dragon Quest 9

Been Playin Dragon Quest 9. Made by sqaure enix, character designs by akira toriyama, which are gameostly excelent. I think what I really like about it is that its a real throwback to a lot of the old style final fantasy's (and probably dragon quest but I never played em). Especially in comparison to Final Fantasy 13. The last few times I played FF13 i had to physically force myself to play, purely on the premisis that I've benn told it gets good... eventually.

Its just kind of annoying cause I feel that when you have to FORCE yourself to sit down and and play a game (and it does not contribute to the eventual defeat and humiliation of one of your close friends in a pokemon battle), then that shits wack yo.

Anyway, awesome dragon quest trailer:


Lets fight crazy heaven
Insecure Coyote
I know recommending an anime called "ANGEL BEATS" is going to deplete whatever dwindling masculinity  this blog had managed to retain, but damn it the quality speaks for itself:

Seriosly though, the writings good with some razor sharp editing and it constantly looks stunning. Its only 13 episodes long so theres no excuse not to watch.

DO IT:  http://www.watchanimeon.com/angel-beats-episode-1/

There, masculinity at 0.0.

I should probably go get in a bar fight or something.

Insecure Coyote

My Friend Bryan.

not such a bad guy after all
Insecure Coyote

I got a job interview for a studio I'd really REALLY like to work for, only problem is that the interview is just over a month from now, which leaves me in a kind of limbo. I can apply to other places but in truth I really want this job, and and if I did get another job offer I couldn't exactly say "Yeah hold on I just want to see if this other place I want WAAAY more then here will give me a job".

Life and its dumb ass stale mates.

But before I get too far into an entry without mention of some fan-boy related topic:

Street Fighter X Tekken

Just when I had stopped saying things like "I dont care what people consider top teir, my reverse wake up game with makota is practically unbeatable, fucking  EX-Shoryuken or not".

I know...

Sucker Punch

Oh sweet Jesus yes.


Since the completion of Ultra-man I've pretty much been terrified to get into any kind of project, and so I'm mainly sticking to my sketch book.

Heres some stuff:

These are a few drawings from a little project I'm working on, kind of about being happy with your body ( I guess).

I've been doing a lot of these, with the majority bein only ok.

Good bye duck. I did this while trying to explain something to someone.

Bonus UMBREON picture!

My Umbreon. Not a good dude at all. He tends to just sit there like that. Scares the shit out of me half the time.

Thats all really. I'm starting to enjoy drawing again so thats cool, but the idea of doing anything more long term still turns my skeleton to milk.

I spent a lot of time with various friends  over the last two weeks, and kind of pining for my reclusive loner life style again. Which I thankfully have one solid week of now. Baths and late night anime will ensue.

Talk soon

Kiss Me Deadly
Insecure Coyote
If something is stupid, badly designed or ridiculously structured enough, it instantly becomes great.

This is common knowledge.

Heres the opening to one of my favorite animes, Grappler Baki:

It follows the adventures of a twelve year old boy called Baki, who systematically meets someone really bad (Mafia leader, commando, mad scientist), beats them up and later befriends them. There are 48 episodes of it and this happens roughly 17 times. My favorite is when he does this with a giant Gorilla. In the same episode Baki hurls himself off a cliff in the hope of attaining the "near death focus".

Other occurrences include baki learning to fight with his eyes closed, a Giant snake entering a martial arts tournament and his dad killing the president of the world shortly after ringing up the president of the world and stating "I'm going to walk over there and kill you, just to show everyone that I could if I wanted".

Truly, a series like no other.

Oh; unemployment...
Insecure Coyote
Just spent about 8 hours playing metal gear solid... and then payed way too much for a first edition  "The Art of Metal Gear Solid"
I should probably go outside..  ah... its... its dark out.. hmmm..

Thats right; I'm wearing a vest.
Insecure Coyote
Its been a little while, have had plenty of good news and a little bad since.

Start with the bad, Ultra-man did not get into Galway film festival, which I must say, was a little like getting hit with one of these:

But sure its ok, especially considering that not long after Ultra-man got featured on Vimeo and now has nearly 18,000 views:

Some people have even been in contact about me doing work for them, but I'm still waiting to see how that plays out.

I also just got an email from the good folks at dailymotion.com saying they'd like to feature the film, which is cool.


I'd always heard that its never a good idea to meet your heroes, but this was one of the nicest most genuine guys I ever met.

Other Stuffzzzz

Been catching up a lot on my vidja games ( superstreetfighter4 psychonaughts supermariobroswii cavestory metalgearsolidtwinsnakes nomoreheroes2 Finalfantasy13 omg omg omg) Nice to be back playing again.
SSF4 new characters

Super Street Fighter 4 got two brand new characters to the series, turkish oil wrestler Hakan and Psychotic Tae Kwon Do user Juri, and I gotta say, two of the best SF characters in generations, easily rivaling those of alpha and three, more than makes up for the disappointing  new characters from the original sf4 (go fuck yourself Abel you personalityless piece of shit).

No More Heroes 2

I really enjoyed NMH2 but unfortunately I felt for every issue they fixed (odd pacing, repitative fights) a new one came up to take its place (can no longer kill people for money, even less to do outside main story, shinobus controlls kind of suck). Couple this with a last boss fight that boils down to Travis fighting a giant balloon animal and I have to say I was... slightly... disappointed... Not that it doesnt have a huge amount going for it (Assassins 5 to 2 are easily some of the best in the series) and its still no more heroes, and the soundtrack is FUCKING AWESOME. (more on that in a little bit.)


But NMH2 I was all

"...What? nah theres... theres probably some more...  huh? credits? maybe its... like post credits or something.... what...? main menu?... ahmmm..."

Still though maybe I was just expecting too much, I'd still recomend it highly, and it definetly wasnt as much of a let down as the likes of viewtiful joe 2.

Preacher 1 - 9

Tonight, I'm waiting till everyone goes to bed, gonna sit down in my favorite chair and read the final volume of Preacher, a comic series I've been  a reading for about a year now. Despite a dip in the middle, the last two volumes have been really great, and quite sad. All this crazy shit happens throughout, but what the whole story really comes down to is is a friendship that goes really terribly wrong, and I think pretty much anyone can relate to that.  Don't really think I could do it much justice going into it any further than that, but when you read the line:

"I'll be waitin' fronta the Alamo. Five A.M. Don't make me come lookin' for you."

It really gets ya.

Kind of reminds me of this song:

Anyways, gonna go read it now, talk to ya soon

Cats blogs chicks n shit
Insecure Coyote
Finished College. Makes me very sad. Very sad indeed. I'm sure I'll write a song about it or something.

But look, cant get too down about these things, so check this out:


I like to design a more comprehensive business card soon, but this one is just for my grad show.


Ultra-Man is done ( well 99.9% there is one tiny little bit that I want to fix but then that's it). I'm really happy with it.

New Blog

So I've decided I'm going to start a new, more professional blog. Now fear not residents of angst ville, I will be continuing this  one (now with even more emotion and pain), I just want a blog to show employers that does not reveal any of my creepy obsessions or any lame fan art I my do in the next while. Basically the new blog will be like everything you see above, with this one like everything you see below.

So Check out "WE ARE FINALLY COWBOYS" http://jaydouble.blogspot.com/

Still very much under construction.

Speaking of Creepy Obsession:

A Rei Ionami doll, a present from my nearest and dearest for finishing my film. She also offered to get me a Rei Body Pillow, but I think that that could take me down some pretty bad roads...


No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle:

I've played about an hour. So far a cloud strife look alike committed suicide by ripping off his own head, The first boss actually beat me (???????) and Sylvia is about 62% sexier than she was in NMH 1. THATS FUKIN LOADS. Cannot wait to play more.

Things That should not exist but do and it makes me really happy:

Megaman Energy drink.

It says E- TANK. It was blue. I shed a tear of joy.

No more heroes Lingeree. Seriously. I mean NMH wasnt even meant to get a sequel. and now the sequel of a game that shouldnt exist has its own lingeree line. I think someone somewhere fucked up, but I am so glad they did.

It's renewed my hope that some day I will get to visit a Silent Hill themed amusement park.


My stupid fucking asshole of a cat. I love him so much.

Me and the cast of Ultra-man at the grad show

That's Mick Nolan (Ultra-man) on my left and Jessica Kerins on my right (Interviewer). The Grad show was a huge success, we all had a kicken time.

That's it really, I have a huge expanse of free time ahead of me in the form of summer and I'm really looking forward to it. College is finished, and that sucks, but I do feel like my time there is over, even though I'm pretty torn up about leaving. oddly enough I've actually already got a bit of free lance work and have actually been making a little money, which was really unexpected. but feck it, No More Heores 2 has its own Lingerie line. Anythings possible.

Insecure Coyote

Things feel like this lately.

I have to go back to work now.